Have a look on the new PWD Building.


Prior entering, observe proper health protocols by washing your hands thoroughly.


Come in! We’re always ready to serve.


Before entering the office, you will be welcomed warmly by our friendly guard. You will
be asked for your CCTS ID and your temperature will be checked.


For queries and concerns, feel free to talk to our Public Assistance and Complaints Desk Officer
You will meet her right after entering the office.


If you wish to pay your bills, just queue up and wait for your turn to pay in the cashier counter.


You will be entertained with a smile by our customer-oriented personnel.


If you wish to attend to your personal needs, feel free to use our clean washrooms.


Have a look.


The male washroom.


The female washroom.


And hey! If you have a baby to feed, feel free to use our lactation room.


Pikit Water District is always happy to serve.