The Earth’s surface is covered with 71% water. Water seems so abundant, right? If so, why do we need to conserve water? When we say conserve water, we are referring to clean and potable water which drips out of our faucets. Out of 1000 liters of water, only 3 liters is suitable for drinking and daily usage. You don’t want to drink and do laundry using that salty seawater, right? Yeah, that’s 972 of the total 1000 liters. The remaining 25 liters can be found in mud, ice caps, glaciers,  water vapor, and other non-liquid water forms. As the world’s population increases, so is the demand for clean water. We’re just lucky that we, Pikiteños, have enough supply of water for our growing population. Nonetheless, let’s cherish this blessing and put value to it by saving water in our own simple ways.

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Save water. These tips may help. (Note that percentages may vary slightly depending on the source of data. Nonetheless, we can all agree that usable water is very little.)

Do you practice these little ways of conserving water?


Thank you for loving mother Earth by conserving water! 🙂