The Pikit Water District was established thru Sanguniang Bayan Resolution No. 71 dated May 8, 1990 of the then Sanguniang Bayan of the Municipality of Pikit, Province of Cotabato with Presidential Decree No. 198, as amended, as the enabling law to the creation of water districts. On May 22, 1991, the District was issued the Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC No. 495) by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA). The mandates of the District are:

  • To acquire, install, improve, maintain and operate water supply and distribution systems for domestic, industrial, municipal and agricultural uses for residents and lands within the boundaries of the district;
  • To provide, maintain and operate waste water collection treatment and disposal facilities; and
  • To conduct such other functions and operations incidental to water resource development, utilization and disposal within the district, as are necessary or incidental to said purpose.

The powers, privileges and duties of the District are exercised and performed by and through the Board of Directors, as the policy-making body composed of the following:

Chairman — Atty. Emmanuel G. Ferenal
Vice Chairman — Anita O. Nuesca
Treasurer — Luz R. Damo
Secretary — Rogelio D. Eleazar
Member — Gregorio R. Guerrero

Day to day activities is executed by its General Manager, Cheryl D. Villarta together with the other ten (18) permanent employees, namely:

Gina F. Mariscal — Administrative Services Officer A
Melchie A. Gabica — Cashier B
Mildred G. Dugasan — Industrial Relations Management Officer B
Mervin F. Cadungog — Customer Service Assistant B
Giselle Jan B. Madrones — Senior Accounting Processor B
Dennis Daniel C. Tobias — Data Encoder
Edgar F. Alejo — Welder A
Alex P. Salcedo — Draftsman A
Rey G. Giron — Driver-Mechanic B
Marlowe Y. Aglubat — Engineering Aide A
Jimuel G. Giron — Water Resources Facilities Operator B
Normandy O. Flores — Water Resources Facilities Operator B
Armando O. Asuncion — Water Resources Facilities Tender A
Freddie O. Nuesca — Water Resources Facilities Tender B
Euril P. Salcedo  — Tracer
Rodwel  II P. Alejo — Utility Worker A
Peter Erick E. Omaña — Utility Worker A
Alvin S. Padayao – Courier



Hon. Ramon C. Ong Municipal Mayor
Hon. Edslapel M. Andie Vice Mayor
Hon. Emmanuel G. Ferenal Councilor
Hon. Mokamad D. Payot -do-
Hon. Jaime M. Gornez -do-
Hon. Luzmindasul M. Borcelas -do-
Hon. Mabanas S. Suleik -do-
Hon. Victorio A. Rico -do-
Hon. Ariel A. Cabañog -do-
Hon. Manuel F. Ferolin -do-
Hon. Modsul D. Aliman -do-



WHEREAS, there is a manifest need for sufficient, safe and potable water for domestic and industrial uses in the area;

WHEREAS, present fundings and personnel capabilities of the Municipality are not sufficient to provide for the development of its water words system;

WHEREAS, PD 198, otherwise known as the Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973, created the Local Water Utilities Administration to aid and assist provincial urban water-users through loans, training and other forms of assistance;

WHEREAS, PD 198, provides that to avail of this assistance there should be formed and organized an autonomous local water district, free from political influence and independent of any local government, and which entity shall take charge and operate the local water utility on a self-supporting and business-like manner;

NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to the provisions of Title II of PD 198 and in order to provide the much-needed safe, sufficient and potable water supply, this Body in session assembled, do hereby adopt and approve this Resolution that affirms:

  1. The organization of the Pikit Water District covering the following areas: Poblacion and Fort Pikit
  2. The transfer of all existing water facilities, namely, water reservoir, existing pipelines and submersible water pump to the jurisdiction and ownership of the Pikit Water District. For this purpose, the Mayor is hereby authorized to effect the DEED OF TRANSFER. Any previous resolution, municipal executive order contradictory or inconsistent with this provision is hereby repealed or modified accordingly.
  3. The creation of a Board of Directors, with five members appointed by the Municipal Mayor pursuant to Sec. 3, Title of PD 198, as amended.
  4. The appointment of the members and initial terms of office of the Board of Directors as follows:
    Name Term Sector
    Mr. Cesar Rocha from May 15, 1990 to May 15, 1992 Civic/Religious
    Mr. Daciano Perez from May 15, 1990 to May 15, 1992 Business
    Engr. Eliezer Mariscal from May 15, 1990 to May 15, 1992 Professional
    Mrs. Anita Naesca from May 15, 1990 to May 15, 1992 Educational
    Mrs. Luz R. Damo from May 15, 1990 to May 15, 1992 Women


  5. That the Pikit Water District herein organized and formed can only be dissolved through the act of its own Board of Directors pursuant to Sec. 45, Title II of PD 198
  6. That the Pikit Water District shall have all and exclusive powers to raise revenues and promulgate rules and regulations to run and manage the water utility pursuant to the provisions of Sec. 27, Title II, PD No. 198.
  7. That the operation of the Pikit Water District shall be in accordance with the provisions of PD No. 198, particularly, Title II, known as the Local Water District Law.
  8. That a certified copy of this Resolution will be filed with the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) within 30 days of its approval.
  9. That aware of the fact that the Pikit Water District is still a non-self-supporting utility and to permit the newly-formed Pikit Water District to implement an improved staffing pattern and operational format, the Municipality of Pikit shall provide a monthly subsidy of Php 1,500.00 for the first 7 months from May 15, 1990 to December 1990 and Php 1,000.00 thereafter from January 1, 1991 to May 15, 1992 covering a period of 2 years to help operate and maintain the said waterworks system or until such time the water district shall have been found self-sufficient by LWUA.

Adopted and approved this 8th day of May nineteen hundred and ninety.